BERKELEY TOWNSHIP - The special election to determine who becomes New Jersey's newest U.S. senator is just more than two weeks away and Steve Lonegan is taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act launch with the announcement of a key endorsement.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined Lonegan at a campaign stop in Ocean County Tuesday. It happened to be on the day when President Barack Obama's signature domestic initiative, the ACA or "Obamacare" officially began.

Lonegan was quick to criticize the plan, saying that our children and grandchildren will be paying it off for years to come. "I want to have this fight over the future of our economic prosperity, of our health care independence to be now and not have to have our kids do it later," said Lonegan.

Lonegan also vowed to get the state and the country back on track. "I will go to Washington to fight to bring every nickel of our taxpayer dollars back to New Jersey, and I don't back off folks, I don't back off," Lonegan says.

Gov. Perry emphasized the need for each state to make its own decisions. "We do not want Washington, D.C., with its one size fits all mentality, telling us how to run our business back in the states," Perry says.

Both men blasted Obamacare and a federal government they say is out of control.

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In a Tuesday interview with News 12 New Jersey, Lonegan's opponent, Newark Mayor Cory Booker said, "New Jersey doesn't need an extreme tea party, as he calls himself, right wing radical. What we need is people that can bring people together and work together."

The special election will be held on Oct. 16.