Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Local bands on the cusp of breaking out

More than ever, the music business is all about being ready when opportunity knocks.

"Three months ago, we were still just working on our songs in my basement," says Vicio singer Samira Ashley. "Now, lots of stuff is happening. Things are happening very fast."

Those "things" include a possible record deal, some high-profile shows and lots of media attention for the band, which formed in Brazil when Ashley, who was touring as a solo artist, met guitarist Rickardo Lima Diniz. But those things only became possible after years of work, honing their songs and their sound. "We're perfectionists," Ashley says. "We just wanted to hit everyone hard."

With the success of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Ryan Star and Bayside already established, the Long Island music scene is in the midst of a new wave of up-and-coming bands.

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Here's a look at some to watch:

Who: Vicio, LI Tie: Based in Mount Sinai New Record: "War on You" out now

Sounds like: Samira Ashley's tough-but-pretty vocals are like the new-millennium Pat Benatar, while the band delivers New Wave poppiness backed by snarling guitars.

Who: Aeroplane Pageant, LI Tie: Based in Seaford New record: "Even the Kids Don't Believe Me" out now on Stormy Ice Records

Sounds like: Dreamy, indie-pop that swirls genres and decades only to craft something distinctive and new on Brian Kelly's sturdy vocals.

Who: Gabriel the Marine, LI Tie: Based in Lattingtown New record: New EP set for later this summer Upcoming show: Tuesday, 6/30 at 8 at The Crazy Donkey , 1058 Rte. 110, Farmingdale. Opening for Anberlin and Long Islanders Lights Resolve

Sounds like: Post-emo orchestral tenderness combined with well-crafted storytelling and the swagger and ambition of Green Day and My Chemical Romance, though not their sound.

Who: Kiss Kiss, LI Tie: Singer-guitarist Mike Abiuso is from East Hampton New record: "The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left" out July 7 on Eyeball Records Upcoming show: Wednesday, 7/1 at 9:30 p.m. at Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston St., Manhattan

Sounds like: A rock-oriented, well-heeled version of Gogol Bordello crossed with Radiohead-ish experiments while keeping a sense of humor on the theme from Tetris and ambitious stories like "All They Draw."

Who: Lion of Ido, LI Tie: Based in North Woodmere New record: Wrapping up the follow-up to "Top of the World," due out later this year Upcoming show: Sunday, 7/5 at 5 p.m. at The Crazy Donkey . Opening for Ryan Cabrera, along with their former guitar player Mike Del Rio

Sounds like: An infectious mix of Dashboard Confessional emotions, sing-along Billy Joel-style melodies and enough Queenlike bombast to keep it all interesting in "Memories" and "Make You Proud."

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