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New green products for the home


Gardening tools by MIO

Price: $7.99 each at Target

Why they're green : If gardening itself isn't green enough for you, do it using the MIO trowel, cultivator and weeder. They're made with sustainable materials: The handles are 100 percent bamboo and the straps are 100 percent jute twine.

Eco Trimmer by Lehr

Price : $199.99 to $239 at Sears, Ace Hardware and True Value

Why it's green : This hand-held trimmer is fueled by propane - the manufacturer says it produces fewer harmful emissions than its gasoline-powered counterparts.

Portable Hammock by MIO

Price : $59.99 at Target

Why it's green : This hammock, which folds into a tote bag for easy transport, is made from 100 percent organic cotton fiber and bamboo buttons.


Jamie Dietrich Designs Glass Bottles

Price $216 to $450 at


Why they're green These decorative accents are made from recycled glass. Vintage bottles from the 1800s to early 1900s are decorated with handmade crystal and shell work and reborn as works of art.

Organic Dream Mate Pillow by Natura

Price : $47.50 at

Why it's green : This pillow is 100 percent organic cotton velour on the outside and 100 percent organic wool and latex on the inside. Next month, watch for the release of the Eco Green pillow, made of recycled plastic bottles. The bottles go through a softening process similar to the one that is done on wool, so it feels super soft. The pillow has a natural cotton cover.

Woven Wood Shades by Blinds To Go

Price : $99 and up for a 30-by-60-inch window at

Why they're green : The nine new woven wood designs use all renewable and biodegradable materials such as jutes, grasses, reeds, rattan and bamboo.


Ecolight Water-Powered LED Shower Light by Sylvania

Price : $29.98 at Lowe's

Why it's green : This LED light operates without batteries or electricity: It's powered by the water flow. Installs easily without tools; just remove the showerhead, slip the light over the pipe, and reattach the showerhead.


Solar Light by MIO

Price: $29.99 for a two-pack at Target

Why it's green : These sleek-looking lights combine a minimalist style with a minimal carbon footprint - they're powered solely by the sun.


EcoView Residential by Advanced Telemetry

Price : $525 for hardware and 36 months of service. Available through distributors such as Breezeplay LLC. Call 866-439-3959 to find a dealer.

Why it's green : The system gives the user immediate feedback on consumption of electricity, solar power, water, natural gas and other resources throughout the house. Homeowners can get a simple consumption readout and make adjustments remotely any time, using the flat-screen touch panel display or Web interface.

EnviroMAX batteries by Fuji

Price : $3.99 for Super Alkaline and $5.99 for Digital Alkaline at

Why they're green : These disposable batteries are free of mercury and cadmium, so they won't release harmful materials into landfills as they degrade. The maker says no ozone-depleting compounds are emitted during manufacturing and most of the resources used in the manufacturing process are reused and recycled. Even the packaging is made with 75 percent recycled materials.


Humble Bed by Mizzonk

Price : $5,995 at ABC Carpet & Home, 888 Broadway, New York, 212-473-3000.

Why it's green : This low-slung bed frame is crafted from salvaged old growth Western cedar brought down by hurricane-force winds.

Robin Wilson Home Custom Cabinetry by Holiday Kitchens

Price $100 to $300 for one standard-size bamboo cabinet with a door or drawer. Available at Marcel's Custom Kitchens in Massapequa (516-799-6678) and other Long Island retailers. Use the find-a-dealer link at .

Why it's green : Cabinetry is in sustainable materials such as bamboo and coconut. The hardwood cabinets, in cherry, maple and oak, have low-VOC finishes. Holiday uses 100 percent of wood waste, turning it into cutting boards, sawdust for animal bedding and landscaping.


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