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2008 survivor profile: Alice Soler

Alice Soler is a woman who trusts her intuition. Luckily, so did her doctor. Ten years ago, despite a clear mammogram, Soler had what she calls a "premonition" that something was wrong. Her doctor sent her for a sonogram, which showed breast cancer.

"Knowing that my cancer was found early because my physician listened to me was a source of strength," she says. She also credits her partner, Catherine, and family and friends for keeping her "focused on the future."

Her job also played a role. "While going through radiation, I worked everyday," says the now-retired health and physical education teacher. "When you're teaching, you don t have the time to think about anything other than the lessons."

Being a health educator is still Soler s passion. Since 2001, she s been a volunteer for Adelphi's Breast Cancer Hotline. Her goal is to help other women get through the difficulties of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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