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2008 survivor profile: Clare Badke

The first thing many people think of when given the news that they have cancer is "Why me?" That's one phrase that never occurred to Clare Badke, a 45-year-old Syosset resident who was diagnosed in October 2003 with a type of breast cancer called infiltrating lobular carcinoma.

What kept Badke going through her lumpectomy, chemo and radiation? "My family, especially my children, were my source of strength," says the proud mother of 13-year-old Joseph and 10-year-old Ryan. "I wanted to be healthy to see them reach their milestones."

Badke encourages women to seek comfort not just from family and friends but from other survivors by joining support groups. She also found solace in hour-long walks each day, either by herself or with friends."

Her advice to others battling the disease: "Talk about it," says Badke. "Be optimistic and positive. Do whatever needs to be done to get through it."

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