The mother-daughter relationship is a very special one, and sharing is a big part of the bond.

But Diana Giaco, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1976 and had a radical mastectomy, never wanted breast cancer to be something she and her daughter, Angela Strollo shared. Unfortunately, at the age of 38, Strollo was diagnosed.

The good news: Because of her awareness, she found it early. Both mother and daughter are cancer free today: Giaco is a 32-year survivor, while it's been nearly two decades since Strollo's diagnosis. Both women are passionate advocates for regular mammograms.

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"Always be vigilant with follow-up appointments and regular exams," says Giaco. "Angela was diagnosed early because she was aware and found it herself."

Strollo's words of wisdom: "Keep the faith and look at your positives instead of the negatives." That optimistic spirit is something this mother and daughter duo are happy to share.