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2008 survivor profile: Sylvia L. Butler

When Sylvia L. Butler was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she called upon the resources that have always guided her: Her family, friends, and deep religious faith.

"My personal relationship with God was solid long before this experience and grows even stronger everyday!" says the Wheatley Heights resident, who works as a supervisor for the Office of Child Support Enforcement at Brooklyn Family Court.

Butler credits her "excellent and highly qualified team" of doctors for giving her the medical care she needed. But her biggest source of strength was her daily practice of reading and studying the Bible.

The wife and mother of three lives out her faith by helping others facing this disease: "Refuse to quit," she says. "Choose life! Failure is not an option nor is it your destiny. Find out what it takes to make you happy and help you get through the day and just do it!"

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