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2008 survivor profile: Terrilyn Delnick

Prior to her breast cancer diagnosis in 2006, Terrilyn Delnick, who started her fashion industry career as a model, says that in her mind, the letters "CC" meant Coco Chanel.

After undergoing chemo and radiation, those letters took on a new meaning: Cancer and Chemo. The vivacious Delnick shares her story with a bright smile.

"A sense of humor is the best medicine," says the 55-year-old Long Islander, who is now cancer free. She also credits her daughter Marilla, her medical team, and support from other survivors as the keys to her successful battle.

"I found reserves of strength I never knew I had," says Delnick, who will be speaking at Adelphi's Celebration of Survivorship on October 21.

"I was determined to fight like hell and do everything I could to feel well, look well and live my life as normally as possible."

Her advice: "Ask for help. You don't need to go through this alone."

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