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2013 survivor profile: Deborah Webb

"Stay strong, keep a good attitude and always stay positive. Don’t ever give up!" - Deborah Webb

When Deborah Webb first learned that she had breast cancer, her reaction was shock and dismay. "I remember saying, 'Why me?' and I cried a lot," says the Amityville resident.

But it didn't take long before Deb's positive attitude took hold. "I pulled up my big girl pants and said, 'I still have some living to do,' " she recalls. "I can do this!"

That determined spirit saw Deb through a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer, which means that the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. The good news: New treatment options and research mean that people diagnosed at this more advanced stage are living longer than ever before, and Deb has been cancer free for three years now.

She credits the love and support of her husband and her daughters, along with her faith in God, for getting her through the darker times. She also is a big believer in joining a support group. She is part of Sisters of Greater Long Island, whose mission is to “remove the fear of cancer and its treatments from the minds of African-American women and men in the Long Island community.”

"The women give each other great advice and ideas," says Deb. They even helped when the cost of medications and doctor co-pays became a problem.

Today, Deb is relishing every moment. "My husband and I went on a cruise for our 40th anniversary, and we also went to Disney with our grandchildren," says Deb. "While I'm alive, I'm going to be grateful and happy."

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