When she was told she had breast cancer, Margaret Keever’s first thought was, “This is the beginning of the end.”

But her mother’s words calmed her.

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“She told me, ‘You have a sister and grandmother who survived this disease. You caught it early. You will be fine.’"

Margaret did not have a specific lump, but rather a thickening in one area. Her quick action and diligence made a huge difference in her recovery.

What got her through the tough days? In the eight weeks after her double mastectomy, Margaret was blessed with the help of loving friends, family and her support group at Hewlett House.

“For eight weeks, my wonderful co-workers brought dinner for my whole family,” says Margaret, who was also diagnosed with Paget’s disease. “When you’re a single mom with three boys, it’s a huge help.”

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Her co-workers also made sure that a cheerful card was in her mailbox at work each day. “It made me feel so great.” She tells women, “This is not a time to be bashful. People want to help!”