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Reader story: Sue Bello

It's not my fault!!! These are the words I kept saying to myself when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January of 2008. But whose fault is it then? I did everything I was "supposed" to do to NOT get breast cancer. Living on Long Island where I heard breast cancer was more prevalent than other areas, I made sure I had my yearly mammography done, I performed self-examinations and I exercised and watched my diet. But I still got breast cancer. After 2 lumpectomy surgeries in February of 2008, followed by 4 months of chemotherapy and 35 days of radiation, I was cancer-free! The happiest day of my life!! I came to realize it wasn’t anyone’s fault. There is no one to blame it on. It just happened! But there are many ways to beat it before it beats you....early detection saved my life!! And it can save yours too!!

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