Ros Innerfield had been cancer free for 13 years when, in 2006, a routine blood test at her oncologist’s office indicated a potential problem.

Despite a lack of pain, further tests revealed a cancerous metastasis to her lower spine.

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“It goes to show you, you always need to remain vigilant,” says Ros. “You should never neglect your checkups.”

But even with the unwelcome news, Innerfield hasn’t let go of her optimism. “There are treatments today that weren’t available when I was originally diagnosed,” she says, adding, “Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Even though I now have a metastasis, it’s being treated like a chronic disease. I can LIVE with that!”

Ros is an active volunteer for the Adelphi Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program, which she says is a huge source of her strength.

“You have to have the resiliency at some point to realize that the best thing you can do for yourself is to help somebody else.”