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Julianna Barca, Suffolk County Scholar Artist for January

Julianna Barca, a senior at Huntington High School

Julianna Barca, a senior at Huntington High School is the January Scholar Artist for Nassau County

Julianna Barca, a senior at Huntington High School, brims with passion for the arts and learning. An active member of her school community, she holds membership in the National Honor Society, English Honor Society, Italian Honor Society, and many other organizations.

As the President of the Art Honor Society, and Art Director of the senior yearbook, she accepts responsibility and exhibits leadership in directing many projects and events. Julianna’s involvement in art expands outside of school, as she has interned for Huntington’s Pulitzer and Panetta Creative Studio. Her artwork has earned her many awards; multiple ‘Best in Show’ awards from 2013 Long Island Media Arts show, First Place in Graphic Design at the 2012 Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce Business competition, and placing in Heckscher Museum’s ‘Long Island’s Best’ competition.

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