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Roxana Moreira, Scholar Artist for June

Roxana Moreira, the Scholar Artist for June is

Roxana Moreira, the Scholar Artist for June is from Huntington High School

Roxana Moreira  is a senior at Huntington High School. While her aspirations lie in medicine, art plays a significant role in her life. She dreams of using her talents to help raise money for charities who help people with health issues.

Roxana is presently enrolled in the AP 2D Design Portfolio class, participates in the Art Honor Society, and was selected to have a piece of her work displayed at the school. Over the years she has received various awards and honors for her work in digital graphics, including honors from the Heckscher Museum’s “Long Island’s Best” Competition and the Long Island Media Arts Show.

“I truly enjoy using the graphic arts as my way of expressing my ideas and experiences,” she says.

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