Sebastian Niculescu is a visual artist from Hicksville High School and the class valedictorian of 2015.

His extensive portfolio of work includes drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, video, installation and performance art. Sebastian is a member of the board of directors of T.A.G., a New York City gallery space for young artists. Along with having his work exhibited in various venues across Long Island, he has been featured in several professional galleries in Manhattan.

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Sebastian is a member of five honor societies, serves as secretary general of the Hicksville chapter of the Model U.N., and is a member of the board of directors for the Hicksville High School Science Olympiads.

He has won a gold medal at the Long Island Math Fair for a paper on variable metric spaces and a Silver Key in the National Scholastic Art Awards in Mixed Media last year and, recently he won a Gold Key and a Silver Key in the Mixed Media category, as well. Upon completion of his high school years, he will have earned the distinction of National AP Scholar and has been admitted to the Brown-RISD Dual Degree program for the fall.