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How to get full access to is now an exclusive benefit for Newsday home delivery and Optimum Online subscribers. If you are not a Newsday or Optimum Online subscriber, you can access for $5.00 weekly. Non-subscribers will have limited access to the site.

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There are many exciting new features and functionality on the new Watch videos on how to get the most out of

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Customize news by town in News Near You

In the Long Island Live section on the homepage and the Long Island page, you can customize the News Near You section to get headlines from the community where you live.

Status bar shows you just what we're thinking

We may be celebrating a holiday, rooting for the home team, debating a local issue or just checking out some pictures. A quick glance at the top of every page tells you just what’s on our mind.

Carousel format lets you flip through the highlights of the day

On the top of most sections you'll find a carousel designed to help you navigate the day’s best stories quickly. You can use the arrows to slide from left to right or simply click on the quick read link to flip through stories individually.

My News lets you pick info you want to see

Get all the news you care about right at the top of every page by customizing the My News flyout in the navigation bar. Here you will get a quick view of the news and information from specific categories like Yankees, Suffolk news, local politics, entertainment.

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