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Andrews refutes criticism of shoe deal

Erin Andrews said she remains “really confused’’ regarding the controversy surrounding her endorsement deal for Reebok footwear shortly after she reported on problems with Nike cleats during the Rose Bowl.

In her first public comments on the matter, Andrews said she was doing her job when she reacted to ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit saying TCU players were slipping by obtaining and relaying a comment from the team’s equipment manager.

“Everything in my report was factual,’’ she said.

Still, some questioned the propriety of a reporter endorsing a product when she might have to cover it, or in this case one of its competitors.

“First of all, it’s a fitness shoe, not a football cleat,’’ she said. “Second of all, it’s a female fitness shoe. I didn’t see any females on the field at the Rose Bowl.

“My third thing is, you’ve got to be crazy to think, given how under scrutiny I am, how people dissect every little thing I say, I do, who I hang out with, to think for a minute I’m going to think to myself, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m going to go after this company right now.’ Are you kidding me?’’

She added, “If anyone thinks I’d compromise my job, they’d be out of their minds . . . I would never compromise my job for a female shoe.’’

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