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Good Morning

Athlete of the week is Westbury's Hagigal

The feat

Scored the winning basket for Westbury in the Long Island Class A boys basketball championship game against Harborfields on March 13. Hagigal had 33 points against Harborfields, then scored 17 with six rebounds in the loss to Newark Saturday. The 58-56 win over Harborfields gave Westbury (18-5) the Long Island title for the first time since 1996.

The quote

"We have been talking about going to Glens Falls since the season started," Hagigal said. "The last time Westbury won the New York State championship was 1985 and we have been confident that we could go again."


Hagigal believes that the most important aspect of basketball is knowing the game. He finds his personal strength in scoring and attacking the basket and especially showed his skill in the fourth quarter where scored 14 points.

What's next

Hagigal is a junior and looks forward to returning to the team next year, hoping that they will find success. After playing in Glens Falls this season, he will be playing for the Long Island Lightning Dingle summer league travel team.

The lightning round

Career highlight? "Scoring the winning shot against Harborfields."

Favorite video game? NBA2K10.

Favorite movie? "The Wood."

Favorite TV show? "Everybody Hates Chris."

What's on your iPod? Lil Wayne, Fabulous, R&B.

Favorite subject? Social Studies.

Favorite food? Jerk Chicken.

Where would you like to vacation? The Dominican Republic.

Dream car? Lamborghini.

Dream job? The NBA.

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