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53° Good Morning

A wacky night of New York baseball

Gonna do this running diary style...

3:13 a.m.: I'm starting this now because I'm waiting for my ride, Brian Heyman of The Journal News, to finish his work. I don't want to say that Brian is slow, but he makes the old lady answering the phone in "Top Secret!" seem like Carl Lewis.

I began my day in Hackensack, NJ, where I interviewed Robinson Cano with the intention of writing about him for my column. And I did just that

12:00 p.m.: OK, so much for the running diary idea. I'm back at the Stadium and ready to rock after a solid, two and a half hours of sleep. 

Here's the Web column I wrote, opining that it was ridiculous to play last night's game. Look, if the skies cleared by 11:08, when Phil Hughes threw the game's first pitch, then this would've been an understandable decision. But the game was played in unsafe conditions for the players. Or, as Joe Girardi put it this morning, "They weren't great."

--Down in Miami, meanwhile, the Mets endured a crazy game of their own, featuring both a rain delay and extra innings. 

--It's drizzling here at the Stadium now, and the forecast looks encouraging. Barring some crazy development, I'll check in here with an update after the game. 

--UPDATE, 6:08 p.m.: The Yankees lost in extra innings, team president Randy Levine said the Yankees were involved in the decision to play Tuesday night - in other words, the Yankees tried to take some of the heat off MLB - and, well, that's about it. See you in the morning.


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