Good Morning
Good Morning

Alex Rodriguez, Stephen Strasburg and Barry Bonds

Greetings from an absolutely beautiful night at Fenway. I had a long drive from the Hamptons to here, but gosh, did I enjoy taking the ferry from Orient Point to New London. Really cool, and the ideal day to sit outside on a large boat and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Just a few quick things, as we're getting close to first pitch:

--Derek Jeter is in the Yankees' starting lineup tonight, hitting second and playing shortstop, while Alex Rodriguez is in town but won't play until Thursday's finale at the earliest.

A-Rod looked fine taking ground balls at third base, but he didn't work at all with the bat. He received a cortisone shot yesterday in New York and said he was shooting for Thursday or Friday.

"Would I be surprised if he didn't play in these games? No, I would not be," Joe Girardi said of A-Rod.

--Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to make his 2011 major-league debut a week from tonight in Washington. It's a quick recovery from Tommy John surgery for the stud right-hander, but next season will be the better measure of how much he's back. Pitchers can take as long as 18 months to regain their full strength after the procedure.

--Here are the partial Arizona Fall League rosters.

--Barry Bonds' sentencing has been scheduled for Dec. 16, but we'll see if Bonds' attorneys appeal his obstruction of justice conviction.

--Bob Tufts asked me today, in the comments, on which BBWAA award I'll be voting this year. The answer is NL Cy Young Award.

--Have a great night.




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