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Good Morning

Andy Pettitte, Chris Young, Jorge de la Rosa and Gil McDougald

If not a Spadafore-style entry today, then when?

News: Andy Pettitte and Nolan Ryan conversed following the conclusion of the Yankees' season.

Views: But not really about Pettitte pitching for the Rangers in 2011. Pettitte called Ryan after the American League Championship Series to congratulate Ryan for the Rangers' victory over the Yankees, and as Ryan told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, when he asked Pettitte whether he would pitch in '11, Pettitte responded that if he did, it would be for the Yankees. End of conversation.

At this point, other clubs know better than to spend time and effort recruiting Pettitte. He has made it perfectly clear that he's going to spend the rest of his career pitching for the Yankees and no one else.

News: The Mets are engaged in talks with Chris Young, and they made a run at Yorvit Torrealba.

Views: Finally, some indications that the Mets are cognizant they have to put a team together for next year! The Torrealba tidbit actually interests me more, as it reflects the team's thinking about Josh Thole. Torrealba is not a guy you sign to caddy for a frontline starting catcher. You sign him to serve as a platoon partner, at the least.

In any case, the Mets proved too little, too late with Torrealba whose grievance against the Mets for the 2007 contract breakdown is still pending. I still think that Jason Varitek would be an interesting fit as the second catcher: He can hit lefties a little (more slugging than on-base), he is revered for his game-calling and preparation and he'd be an interesting clubhouse advocate of Terry Collins' "intensity" and "toughness" (I just like putting those words in quotes).

As for Young, the deal is not as close as reported, but this would make plenty of sense assuming the price tag is right against his vast injury history. Young's fly ball tendencies would play well in forgiving Citi Field, and he could attend Princeton alumni events with Bob Tufts. He also knows new Mets officials Sandy Alderson and Paul DePodesta from San Diego.

News: The Rockies are re-signing Jorge de la Rosa to a reported three-year deal for about $33 million. 

Views: Man oh man, are teams spending the dough this offseason. If de la Rosa gets this sort of money - we're talking about a guy who has never thrown 200 innings in a season - then Carl Pavano has to be doing a victory dance. Wow.

It's interesting to see that the secondary starting-pitching market is sort of moving on its own pace, independent of the Cliff Lee negotiations. That's because these guys don't represent Plan B for clubs (meaning, really, just the Yankees and Rangers) pursuing Lee. If anything, as Ken Rosenthal noted, the players who are waiting on Lee are Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth.

News: Former Yankee Gil McDougald died. 

Views: I met Mr. McDougald once. I want to say it was 1997, so here I go: It was 1997. McDougald was being honored at some charity event, and I spoke with him about his cochlear implant. He couldn't have been nicer.

Heck of a player in his day, too, even if he's best remembered for the line drive that derailed Herb Score's career.

Rest in peace, Mr. McDougald 

And see ya later.

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