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Good Morning

Angel Pagan, Don Mattingly and Steve Cohen

Greetings from Citi Field, site of the inaugural Bankruptcy Bowl. There's no getting around the reality that having the Dodgers and Mets in one place - two jewel franchises, enduring embarrassing, economic turmoil - is a blight on Major League Baseball.

Please don't tell the competition, but I'll be writing about this state of affairs in my column for tomorrow's newsday. Part of that is the development with hedge-fund bigshot Steve Cohen,a strong candidate to purchase the Mets' minority share who is now in greater trouble with the law than he already was.

Can this guy seriously be the Mets' savior? Do the Mets and MLB really want to inflict more of this onto the Mets' already beleaguered fan base?

--In the on-field department for the Mets, Angel Pagan suffered a setback of his left oblique muscle, and his return is now uncertain. He flew from Florida to New York today for a test. Bad development, obviously, for the Mets.

--Don Mattingly, making his first visit to New York as a manager, spoke to the media and did his best to portray the Dodgers as a stable organization.

"It really hasn’t (impacted the team)," Mattingly told reporters. "I know that you probably don’t believe that. …I’m sure up above us, those dealing with the situation, it’s different. But for us on the field, it’s really not changing what we’re trying to do every day. I don’t think it’s had any effect on what’s gone on here."

Well, I agree with him. I don't believe that. How could it not impact a club when there is discussion of the owner not being able to make payroll?

(Yes, MLB would obviously cover the payroll. But still.)

--Andre Ethier is back in the Dodgers' lineup, after sitting out Wednesday, with his 29-game hitting streak intact. So that's something.


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