Good Morning
Good Morning

Bartolo Colon, Brett Gardner, Daniel Murphy, Howard Johnson and Alfredo Aceves

At the Yankees' victory over Cleveland, I wrote about Bartolo Colon's injury. Of course I did. What the hell else was I going to write about? Franciso Cervelli's durability?

My hunch is that David Phelps will get the first shot to replace Colon in the Yankees' rotation, with the turn coming up Thursday afternoon against Texas. If not Phelps, then Adam Warren. If not Phelps or Warren, then D.J. Mitchell.

We'll find out more about the degree of Colon's left hamstring injury today. This was inevitable, or so it seemed. As I wrote, however, as much as you'd like to say, "The Yankees were lucky to get what they got from Colon," it's human nature for Yankees fans to panic now, looking forward, about where exactly they're going to find that elite level of performance. It's going to be awfully difficult.

--As for the ejection of Mitch Talbot, I didn't think he was obviously throwing at Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees seemed rather convinced, however, and quite pleased that Talbot had to leave the game.

--Brett Gardner had another rough day on the bases. it's wacky to watch, but he just has to work through it, the same way he worked through his hitting slump in April.

--The Mets lost in Pittsburgh, and and the game turned on Daniel Murphy's third-inning misplay of Andrew McCutchen's two-hopper. Richie G. nearly broke Twitter with his complaints that this should've been scored as an error on Murphy, rather than as a McCutchen double, and I agree wholeheartedly. Bad call.

--Terry Collins was annoyed by Howard Johnson's remarks (to The New York Post) that the Mets shouldn't bench Jason Bay, and I don't blame the Mets' skipper. HoJo, as Collins indicated, was talking out of his tuchus.

Besides, exactly why are HoJo's thoughts relevant? He's a failed hitting coach. Should we call Hubie Brooks to get his thoughts on the matter, too? How about Richie Hebner?

--Wayne Gretzky's son is headed toward professional baseball, as the Cubs drafted him this past week.

--The Red Sox won their eighth straight game. Remember when some people thought the Red Sox were done because of their 0-6 start? Will those people bring a little more perspective into the start of next season?

Just wondering.

--For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about Alfredo Aceves, Justin Turner and Brian Gordon. Keep an eye on Gordon, who is excelling for the Phillies' Triple-A Lehigh Valley team and can opt out of his deal on Wednesday if a major-league team agrees to take him.

--Self-promotion alert: I'll be on "Sports Extra" tonight on Fox 5 in New York, at 10:30, with Duke Castiglione.

--Have a great day.

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