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Bert Blyleven and Dan Uggla

Went to the Hall of Fame news conference in midtown Manhattan today, and it was fun to see Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven interact.

Alomar is generally a reserved guy. He knows how to handle the spotlight, but he doesn't revel in it. At least when it comes to public speaking.

Blyleven? He reminds me of Kristen Wiig's Kathy Lee Gifford impersonation on "Saturday Night Live." To call him "a ham" doesn't do justice. He is really over the top.

During the introductory comments, Blyleven asked all of the media on site to stand up, stretch their arms and then clap. He then followed, "I bet Roberto 20 bucks I could get a standing ovation."

What I wanted to talk to Blyleven about, primarily - and what I'll be writing my column about. Please don't tell the competition - is the notion of perhaps he suffered so others won't have to. He waited 14 years, but maybe another pitcher will come down the pike who has been victimized by poor run support - Felix Hernandez is an obvious guess - and will get in earlier because of a greater appreciation for statistical analysis.

"I think what helped is guys like Rich Lederer with (for some reason, I can't get this link to work) and other websites that are bringing out more than just, 'Hey, he was 19-6, or 17-5.

"Look at if you have run support. That’s what these analysts are doing now: 'If he had just had the average run support, he probably would’ve won 21 ballgames like Sabathia did."

--Meant to include this earlier, but the Braves extended Dan Uggla for five years and $62 million. It's an OK move for Atlanta. Uggla is a great hitter for a second baseman. Defensively, however, he's a lousy second baseman for a second baseman.

--Have a great afternoon.

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