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Good Evening

Brandon Nimmo, David Einhorn, Alex Rodriguez, Red Sox-Yankees and the Indians

Certain times arrive in a man's life when he must survey the scene and realize there's only one way to take care of a situation.

So he takes a deep breath, and he utters these two words:

Spadafore style.

News: The Mets select Brandon Nimmo, a high school outfielder from Wyoming, with the 13th overall selection of the amateur draft.

Views: This is a situation when, at this point, you either believe in Sandy Alderson and his people (most of all Paul DePodesta) or you don't. Because in a vacuum, you say, "This was a pitching-rich draft, and the Mets need pitching, and they selected a corner outfielder?!"

But yeah, I think very highly of Alderson and DePodesta, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. If they thought that Nimmo was the most talented player available at that juncture, then sure, go for it.

Nimmo reportedly wants $3 million, as David Lennon wrote. I'd be very surprised if the Mets didn't get this done. Just like last year with Matt Harvey, Bud Selig will forgive them for going over slot (they'll probably go over more this time than they did with Harvey). The commissioner understands the need for the Mets to get back on track.

Besides, the new collective bargaining agreement (set to start next year)  figures to have some sort of restrictions on draft spending, so Selig probably won't get worked up over any of the "spending over slot" stuff this year.

With their second pick, compensation for losing Pedro Feliciano, the Mets chose a high-school pitcher, right-hander Michael Fulmer from Oklahoma.

The Yankees, meanwhile, selected Dante Bichette Jr. with their first pick. Like his dad, Bichette is regarded as a power bat first and foremost, as Yankees draft bigwig Damon Oppenheimer said.

And the Yankees' first pick from three years ago, Gerrit Cole, is now the top selection overall, by Pittsburgh. Scott Boras, Cole's representative, was so upset by Cole's refusal to negotiate with the Yankees three years ago that he apologized to the Yankees.

News: Major League Baseball is reviewing David Einhorn's purchase of aminority share of the Mets.

Views: This deal was guaranteed to shake the baseball ground a little, just because it has been such a long time since a significant piece of either New York team was available. But it's worth noting the early aftershocks of Einhorn's purchase.

In the financial world, first of all, many of the other suitors were shocked by Einhorn prevailing. Most, if not all, hadn't heard Einhorn's name mentioned until they got the "Sorry, you lose" phone call from Mets point man Steve Greenberg about an hour before the public announcement, and many couldn't believe that Einhorn would pony up $200 million without getting a share of SNY.

I suppose that's to the Mets' credit that they kept everyone in the dark. 

Second of all, people within the industry have taken note of Einhorn's willingness to be out there, as he attended two Mets games and met with the media. He isn't exactly shying away from the notoriety, even though he has to adapt to being a public figure of this magnitude.

He looks, in short, like a guy who hopes to be running the Mets someday. Although I now believe that the term for Einhorn to take over the team is five years, not three.

News: As we discussed yesterday, Major League Baseball is hoping to get more information about Alex Rodriguez's work with Anthony Galea.

Views: The only people who know the timeline on this are the federal agents working on it _ and who have exhibited far more discretion and professionalism than those who worked on BALCO and with Kirk Radomski.

But yeah, baseball came away from its interview with A-Rod (last year) wanting to know more. Common sense says that, since A-Rod has authorized MLB to take a look at Galea's record, A-Rod has nothing to hide, Or, if you're a conspiracy theorist, that everything already has been hidden sufficiently.

Either way, this issue still hovers over baseball - remember, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran also worked with Galea - until the case becomes public.

News: The Yankees play host to the Red Sox, starting tonight, in a battle for AL East supremacy.

Views: Oh, right! I forgot they actually play big-league games on the field! Got so distracted by the off-the-field stuff.

The only way the Red Sox can leap over the Yankees is by sweeping all three games. The Yankees currently lead Boston by a game in the standings, but it's two games in the loss column. 

So if the Red Sox win two of three, then the Yankees - who would be 34-26 in that scenario - would lead the Red Sox (35-27) by a game in the loss column.

Just sayin'.

Both teams are playing well at this juncture. Off the top of my head, I'll say the Yankees lose tonight and win the next two.

News: The Indians lost to Minnesota at home, and they've now dropped five straight games and lead the Tigers by just two games in the loss column in the AL Central.

Views: Looks like reality is kicking in for Cleveland. The Indians didn't seem to have the pitching to keep up their great play. It'll be interesting to see them in the Bronx this weekend, to see how they hold up against the Yankees.

News: Excellent story by Jim Baumbach, who breaks down some specifics of the memorabilia tied to Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit.

Views: I still say he gets it done on this homestand. Of course, I might be slightly biased, as I'd like to take Father's Day weekend off.

--Stop by later for a contest, and I'll check in this afternoon from the Bronx.


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