Good Morning
Good Morning

Brian Cashman, Frank McCourt, Carlos Beltran and the Gold Gloves

Nope, no vacation yet. With the Yankees announcing Brian Cashman's extension, I wrote in my column that the Yankees have become the model of AL East stability.

Cashman stressed in his telephone news conference that "Pitching, pitching, pitching" would be his focus this winter. Given their lack of enthusiasm over C.J. Wilson, their wariness of Yu Darvish and their strong farm system, a trade seems like the best option. If the Yankees can find someone worth acquiring in a trade.

I'm still pushing for the White Sox's John Danks.

--Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the Dodgers, with Major League Baseball's help, thus ending (we think) one of baseball's uglier recent sagas. 

In the linked story, you can read some recapping of McCourt's accusations that MLB played hardball with him. "Starved" the organization of revenue to put McCourt in this position.

There's probably a grain or two of truth to that, but the greater truth is that when you buy into baseball (or any big-time sport), you hand in many of your rights and privileges at the door. The commissioner is the king. So you need to stay on the king's good side.

McCourt failed miserably at those politics, whereas the Wilpons still own the Mets thanks in large part to Fred Wilpon's good will with not only Bud Selig but pretty much all of baseball's big shots.

--On Twitter, Jerry Crasnick reported that Carlos Beltran has changed agents from Scott Boras to Dan Lozano. I don't think it means much for Beltran - the Giants want him back, and he seems to want to return - but it is interesting in the turf war between the established king Boras and the upstart Lozano.

Players have left Boras before - Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira come to mind - but I can't remember anyone bailing on Boras just as he's approaching free agency. The closest such case was probably Beltran, back in 2004, when he nearly left Boras before using him to sign a seven-year, $119-million deal with the Mets.

--The Gold Glove Awards are here! All right, let's break them down:

National League: Yadier Molina was a slam du--

Oh, who am I kidding? I couldn't care less about this garbage. And shame on you if you spend more than three seconds thinking about them. They are a joke.

--All right, stay well. I'll be gone for a little while, unless I'm back.

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