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54° Good Afternoon

Bud Selig, Michael Weiner and Robinson Cano

I'm busier today than a Christmas tree salesman in December, so I'm just gonna throw a few things at you:

The Baseball Writers Association of America held its annual All-Star Game meeting, and we were fortunate enough to have both commissioner Bud Selig and Players Association executive director Michael Weiner drop by to speak with us. Many issues came up. Here are some of them:

--Selig, before taking any questions, proactively defended Derek Jeter for blowing off the All-Star Game. Weiner also was very upset by the criticisms of Jeter, and he was pleased that Selig went out of his way to speak on Jeter's behalf.

--Selig said that David Einhorn would be cleared to purchase a minority share of the Mets, once Einhorn and the Mets come to an agreement.

--For approximately the 785th time in the last seven years, Selig strongly hinted that the Mets would host the 2013 All-Star Game. I can't wait until this is finally announced. Every few months, someone in the media mentions this, and people react as if it's huge news.

--Selig expresed confidence that an extra playoff team would be in place next year. Weiner didn't seem averse to that notion. My bet is on a one-game "series" between the two wild-card teams, rather than a two-of-three. The latter creates too much down time for the division winners, too many important people seem to think.

--Both Selig and Weiner thought that the modest realignment plan, which would call for the Astros to move from the NL Central to the AL West, could happen. But Weiner pointed out that it wouldn't necessarily happen in time for 2012. The new collective bargaining agreement could call for the Astros to switch leagues in 2013.

--Selig said that baseball would increase instant replay shortly - and modestly. Most likely, Selig said, line drives down the foul lines would be subject to replay.

--Selig is confident that the amateur draft will feature official slotting. Weiner is less confident.

--Selig said he would look into the rule forbidding Sunday pitchers from pitching in the All-Star Game, but that might be tough to erase. Teams are understandably very protective of their pitchers.

--Robinson Cano still looked like he was on top of the world, after winning last night's Home Run Derby. He said he received countless congratulatory text messages, including one from Alex Rodriguez.

--OK, back to work. Have a great night.






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