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Good Morning

Carlos Beltran, Cliff Lee and Mariano Rivera

The Mets won an exciting game in Cincinnati. OK, now back to Carlos Beltran.

--Beltran has to approve of a trade by 24 hours before Sunday's non-waivers trading deadline. That doesn't it mean it won't go down to the final moments, however. It just means the Mets and Beltran will have all of their ducks in a row, ready to go, prepared for any scenario.

We've discussed Beltran's preference to remain in the National League, and that's fueled partly by his reluctance to change leagues in the middle of the season and partly by his desire to play the field every day. You wonder whether Beltran would receive phone calls from Boston and Texas people concerning the DH point. After all, both teams have established DHs in David Ortiz and Michael Young, respectively.

Keep in mind, also, that it's not unprecedented for players to get a payment for waiving their no-trade clauses. I haven't heard that specifically with Beltran. I'm just saying there are many ways to work around preferences and reluctances.

--Angel Pagan underwent tests.

--As the rain-delayed Mariners-Yankees game ran late, Mark Herrmann wondered how life would've been different if the Yankees, rather than the Rangers, had acquired Cliff Lee from Seattle last summer.

For what it's worth, the Yankees think that, once Texas agreed to include Justin Smoak (who has slowed down after a hot start), it was over. That the Yankees would've had to include Jesus Montero, Ivan Nova, Eduardo Nunez and maybe even Adam Warren to trump the Rangers' package. That's how much Seattle liked Smoak.

At least, that's what the Yankees believe.

--The injury-prone Eric Chavez returns tonight, after spending more than two months on the disabled list. The Yankees would love to see Chavez produce like he did in April, but realistically,  it's just as likely that he'll get hurt again.

--Alex Rodriguez is on schedule to return in mid-August, Joe Girardi said.

--Check out Newsday's Mariano Rivera saves database.


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