Carlos Beltran just told us, here at Tradition Field, that he met with FBI agents last week to discuss his involvement with Anthony Galea. He said that he met with Galea in Toronto last summer, during his time on the disabled list with a bone bruise in his right knee, and that he did so with the knowledge of the Mets.

"All of the treatment was related to my knee," Beltran said. "I have nothing to worry about, nothing to hide."

Beltran apparently felt good enough about his treatment that he recommended Galea to Jose Reyes, whom agents also questioned last week. Just like with Reyes, Beltran said, the agents asked him whether Galea injected him with HGH.

"Of course not," Beltran said he told the Feds.

If Beltran and Reyes are guilty, they're being remarkably open about their innocence. Alex Rodriguez was more careful with his public words yesterday. Perhaps we should read into that. Or perhaps A-Rod was exhibiting the caution he started using more last year, and will give us more after he meets with investigators - as soon as today, The New York Times reports.

The FBI is clearly doing its due diligence, but my question is, will the government go after pro athletes with the same tenacity it did from 2003 through about 2007?

Given the dollars:discipline ratio, do the Feds really think the whole endeavor was worthwhile?

Or, in this instance, have they learned from their mistakes and are focusing their energy on Galea, the distributor?

--This Braves-Mets game is still going on as I type, but it lost much of its luster when, following a violent rain storm, the Mets benched most of their regulars to avoid any sort of freakish injury.

Then, Elmer Dessens had to leave the game when he got hit by a comebacker. So it goes...

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--A bunch of good stuff today from Buster Olney's blog. For that matter,the main item of Olney's blog itself, today and yesterday, featured the interesting strength-of-schedule breakdowns for both leagues:

--Tom Boswell wrote about both the Nationals' improved pitching staff.

--Bob Klapisch has a good column on Jason Bay's health.

--I didn't know that former Met Chris Woodward turned down a chance to play for the Red Sox in last year's playoffs, so that he could take care of his family.

--Carl Pavano, the American Idle, is scheduled to start the Twins' Target Field opener. Gotta credit the big lug for coming back from his Bronx hibernation.


UPDATE, 4:10 p.m.: Jerry Manuel said that Dessens, who took a shot to his knee, should be fine. But let's be frank: Dessens isn't that important, regardless.

Ike Davis impressed today with a couple of hits, and Ryota Igarashi looked all right closing out in the Mets' 4-2 win in the ninth inning.

Off to the airport for me.