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Carlos Beltran, the Yankees' malaise and the mighty Rays

Carlos Beltran had a monster day for the Mets, powering them over the Rockies. My goodness.

If you watched Beltran play during the opening week of the season, knowing everything he's been through medically the last couple of years, you never could've imagined him returning to this level of play. 

I've had fans e-mail me with the sentiment, "The Mets should trade Beltran now, before he gets hurt again!" and I understand that. We have to remain skeptical that Beltran can keep this going.

But unless a mind-blowing offer emerged at this juncture, which is highly unlikely, the Mets owe it to themselves and to their fans to keep this going.  At 17-20, they have the same record as Boston. And no one's asking Boston to start trading people away.

--Here's the story Jim Baumbach and I wrote yesterday from the owners' meetings about Fred Wilpon and the Mets' situation.

--Good column by David Lennon about Terry Collins and his communication with his players

--The Yankees got hammered by Kansas City, and they've now lost six of nine. Typical malaise that any club experiences, or something more serious? I'd guess the former, but what has to be a concern is that the Yankees have so few sure things among their starting rotation. We'll see how Bartolo Colon does tonight, for instance, against a Red Sox lineup with some formidable lefties.

On the offensive side, meanwhile, you can see Derek Jeter getting dropped in the lineup and Jorge Posada getting benched in worst-case scenarios. But what about Nick Swisher? He's too important for the Yankees to just toss aside. He might be the biggest disappointment on the team so far when measuring expectations against reality.

Speaking of the offense, Erik Boland spoke with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long, who has a new book out.

--Hal Steinbrenner told Baumbach, at the owners' meetings, that Brian Cashman's contract wouldn't be addressed until the end of the season. I'd be very surprised if Cashman didn't re-up, regardless of how the rest of this season goes.

--With the Yankees' loss last night, the Rays - who defeated Cleveland yesterday - now occupy first place in the AL East.

There must be times when Andrew Friedman, Tampa Bay's executive vice president of baseball operations (he's the general manager without the title), wants to climb a mountain somewhere and shout, "Hey, Brian (Cashman, of course) and Theo (Epstein, of course), bow down and salute me!"

What the Rays have done and are doing in the AL East, spending so fewer dollars than the Yankees and Red Sox, continues to be remarkable.

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