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Chuck Greenberg, TV ratings, Brett Gardner, Davey Lopes and Ron Romanick

New Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg ripped good into Yankees fans, calling them "either violent or apathetic, neither of which is good." The Yankees, respecting Bud Selig's wishes for a news blackout outside the World Series, did not respond...but made it clear, from the cloak of anonymity, that vengeance would be exacted upon the conclusion of the Fall Classic.

Alas, Greenberg apologized to Yankees bigwigs Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine, which takes some of the fun out of this story.

As for Greenberg's words? He obviously stereotyped the 50,000 people on site, although I understand why he did. The "violent" part, comes from the few dopes who harassed the Rangers' players' families endured during the ALCS.

And the "apathetic" part comes from the way the crowd has changed since the new Stadium opened. There was a noticeable number of early departures during the Yankees' home playoff losses to Texas.

For that, Yankees ownership should take accountability for building this ballpark that is, let's face it, a soulless airport shopping plaza.

--The Rangers deactivated reliever Alexi Ogando (left oblique), as expected, and replaced him on the roster with Dustin Nippert.

--The Saints-Steelers game Sunday night on NBC outdrew World Series Game 4 on Fox, and that's not good, no matter how you spin it. It is what it is: A Rangers-Giants series simply isn't going to draw many eyeballs unless it reaches a Game 6, or even Game 7. A Yankees-Phillies series would be a different story.

(Speaking of which, one industry person here joked that every Major League Baseball person was so confident that the Rangers would win tonight - thereby extending this series and hopefully squashing this cycle of "bad ratings" stories - that he suspected whether the fix was in.)

--The Yankees' Brett Gardner won a Fielding Bible award, voted on by a distinguished panel. I don't understand this notion that the Yankees' outfield needs upgrading. To me, the Yankees' outfield is its greatest asset.

Would Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth represent upgrades? Yes. But Gardner and Nick Swisher were above-average major-league outfielders in 2010, and I don't think it's outrageous to project better things ahead for Curtis Granderson.

--Phillies first-base coach Davey Lopes will not return to the team next season, due to a difference in opinion about his value. You rarely take note of a change in first-base coach, but Lopes also coached the team's baserunners, and as you can see in the linked story, the Phillies led the National League in stolen-base percentage for each of the four seasons they employed Lopes. That's no small thing.

--The A's promoted Ron Romanick from their bullpen coach to pitching coach, which closes a door for former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland. A's manager Bob Geren has a longstanding friendship with Eiland from their days as Yankees teammates, but that didn't carry enough juice.

--I got the bulk of this information from Twitter, which thankfully will keep going regardless of tonight's result.

--Have a great night.


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