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Clemens' prosecution exhibits listed

Major League Baseball player Roger Clemens raises his

Major League Baseball player Roger Clemens raises his right hand as he is sworn in during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in Washington DC. (Feb. 13, 2008) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Needles, syringes, gauze and cotton swabs were listed among the more than 100 exhibits the prosecutors plan to use in Roger Clemens’ trial on perjury charges, according to a court filing Thursday.

Brian McNamee, who said in sworn testimony that he injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs in 1998, 2000 and 2001, handed over the evidence to federal investigators in January 2008, saying he had saved the items since using them to inject Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs during the 2001 season.

Federal investigators had the items tested for traces of Clemens’ DNA and performance-enhancing drugs, and there are several analytical test reports for needles, syringes and cotton swabs referenced as exhibits in the court documents filed Thursday by assistant U.S. attorneys Steven Durham and Daniel Butler.

Also listed among the prosecution’s exhibits are emails and taped calls between McNamee and Clemens, audio of a call McNamee made to Clemens’ agent days before the Mitchell Report was released alerting him to the upcoming steroid allegations as well as Clemens’ medical records from the teams he played for in his career.

Clemens denied using steroids and human growth hormone before a congressional hearing in February 2008, leading to the charges of perjury, obstruction of Congress and making false statements that the former Yankees righthander faces in a federal court beginning next week. Jury selection is scheduled to start Wednesday.

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