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Comment Winter Olympics

It was another long night for the judges, going through two weeks of one-liners, 20-liners, questions, answers, praises and, on the rarest of occasions, insults. But they came through, to reward those of you who still come through both a redesign and a pay wall to contribute your two cents.

--The bronze goes to JE (aka "JEnotJEJE"), for taking a pass from Bob Tufts and thundering it home. When Bob commented that, "Brian Bruney lived up to his initials," JE responded:

"Just like Brancisco Bodriguez!"

--The silver goes to Mr. Tufts himself, who responded with characteristic wit and outrage when the Hall of Fame's Veterans Committee snubbed Marvin MIller yet again:

"Letting in Bowie Kuhn and not Marvin Miller is like inducting Wile E. Coyote and not the Road Runner."

--And the gold goes to Rich (aka "RichinNJ"), for addressing Scott Boras' assertion that the Curtis Granderson trade made Johnny Damon more important to the Yankees.

"How did Boras become a successful negotiator? Can't the counterparties see through his naked puffery, bordering on outright prevarications?

To use only the current example, Granderson can easily be a #2 hitter, if only against RH pitching, which the vast majority of pitchers are. Plus, most studies have shown that lineup construction has little or no effect.

He reminds me of Jon Lovitz's Tommy Flanagan character on 'SNL' in the '80s."

--Here's my column on the Yankees' decision to sign Nick Johnson.

--Jim Baumbach wrote about Yankees adviser Ray Negron, and how difficult he finds it to bid farewell to the old Yankee Stadium.



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