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Comment Winter Olympics

The judges enjoyed the spirited yet respectful debates that sprouted all around the blog this past week. Whether it was the notion of "choking," or team expenditures vs. revenues, or who should be addressing young players, the regulars engaged heartily.

So, without further ado, the medals please...

The bronze goes to NaOH, who managed to touch on many of the blog's buzzwords and phrases in one short comment:

I was hustling to my computer because I had a clutch comment that I knew would make everyone LOL, but I forgot it by the time I was in front of my keyboard. Just a massive choke job on my part.

The silver goes to Islander505, who offered a characteristically wacky rip job of one of his favorite targets:

From the little known facts, and stuff you won't find in an environmentally unfriendly printout from a Johnny Decoder Ring, but true anyway files, headquartered two time zones away......

There was actually a Red Sox player who reached base safely FOUR TIMES that second day of October in 1978.

6-year-old Jason Varitek.

While playing in a pre-season Winter T-Ball League game for the Rochester (MI..Go Blue) Intangible Assets and Acting Services against their in-state rival, Huron Drugs and Pharmacy, Jason was walked, hit by a pitch, reached first due to catcher indifference on a called 3rd strike, and was awarded 1st base after catcher's interference on a checked swing.

And he might have made first base a fifth time, had his mother not taken him out of the game to iron a "C" decal onto his jock strap.

And the gold goes to Bob Tufts, for this music/baseball analogy:

I'd say The Eagles are more like Jeff Francouer. It appears to be quality, and the product is likeable, but upon a second look, you see the large flaws.

--Here's the column I wrote on the Mets, in light of the Jose Reyes news. FWIW, I really don't think the Mets deserve much blame, if any, for how this Reyes situation came to be. They announced on Tuesday that Reyes had an overactive thyroid and that he would undergo more tests, and then he underwent the tests.

Peter Greenberg, Reyes' agent, took full accountability yesterday for spreadin the word (on Tuesday) that Reyes was going to be all right and back in action shortly. The Mets can't control what Greenberg does. Greenberg isn't their employee.

Also FWIW, I think it's apparent Greenberg wanted that "two-to-eight weeks" figure out there to give Reyes some leeway, since Reyes received so much flack last year for not coming back.

--Derek Jeter is ill. The Yankees were rained out again today, their second straight cancellation. That means less game time for the lesser pitchers, as the veterans need to cram in their work tomorrow and Sunday (assuming the weather clears).


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