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Comment Winter Olympics

My, how time flies. This is our final Comment Winter Olympics of the 2009-10 offseason.

I'm taking next week off, and on Friday, April 2, I'll run my preseason predictions - and ask for yours. And then, on the 9th, we'll kick off another year of Weekend Predictions.

The judges are very much looking forward to their seven and a half months of down time. Here are the final winners.

The bronze goes to Bob Tufts, who picked out a baseball joke from the craziness of last weekend's storm:

When I see a Newday headline that says "LIPA: 38,000 without power", I'm sure that 2009 Mets fans know how they feel.

The silver goes to NaOH, for his take on the Ron Washington situation:

The aspect of this Ron Washington episode that I find most enjoyable is the Rangers' decision to retain him. It seems the tendency — whether by the public, employers, sponsors, etc. — is to rush to judgment. This is an era where speed trumps depth, and the Rangers did not succumb to this cultural proclivity.

They could very easily have released Washington from his contract, as he has no union type of support structure which could have helped defend him, in addition to the contractual character clauses which would have enabled them to justify the termination. Instead, the Rangers evaluated the circumstances of what happened, Washington's past, and Washington's response to his transgression, all while recognizing that the reasons they hired him to be the manager were still valid.

And the gold goes to the persistent Richie G., who successfully challenged my ill-conceived argument here - "I don't think there's a single 35-year-old player out there who is better than he was a decade ago" - by evoking Mariano Rivera:

So I was reading Sunday's Daily News special about Rivera. Is he as good as when he was 25?? Well lets put it this way. When Mo pitches like he did when he was 25, then Joba will be the new closer.

Here are the final standings, awarding three points for a gold, two points for a silver and one for a bronze. The winners gratitude.

1. Islander505: Two golds, three silvers, four bronzes. Total: 16
2. (tie) Richie G: Two golds, three silvers, two bronzes. Total: 14
2. (tie) Bob Tufts: Two golds, three silvers, two bronzes. Total: 14
4. NaOH: Two golds, one silver, one bronze. Total: 9
5. JE: One gold, three bronzes. Total: 6
6. (tie) Jim: One gold, one silver. Total: 5
6. (tie) Rich: One gold, one silver.  Total: 5
7. whynot: One gold, one bronze. Total: 4
8. Poppy: One gold. Total: 3
9. James K: One silver. Total: 2

Here are last year's standings. Thanks to everyone who hung in there through the, um, changes that we've experienced over the last year here, and who helps make doing this blog so much fun.

--From Yankees camp, Jim Baumbach wrote about Carl Crawford, a likely Yankees target next offseason. I don't think there's any doubt the Yankees will be very interested in Crawford, but I do wonder how much they'll bid. Will they blow away the market like they did with CC Sabathia? I doubt it. They'll likely be less "desperate," to use Brian Cashman's word.

--Good column by Bob Klapisch about Jorge Posada. I found this on Twitter.

--Best wishes to the legendary Vin Scully, who has been hospitalized.

--Corporate suck-up/self-promotion alert: MSG is running a new series, "The Lineup: New York's All-Time Best Baseball Players," starting next Tuesday, March 23, at 10:30 ET. I taped some thoughts on the matter last week. A  source close to the situation tells me that I didn't make the first episode, "Catchers."




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