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Comment Winter Olympics: Alex Rodriguez, Donald Trump, Carlos Beltran and knowledge

April 2004: Tim Berry caricatures Donald Trump for

April 2004: Tim Berry caricatures Donald Trump for a Sunday Fanfare section story.

A bit of a hectic week in the real world - filling in as the Mets beat writer and then taking care of some stuff upon my return to New York - meant that the blog didn't receive its standard attention. I already have apologized to the judges for the paucity of dialogue here.

But rules are rules, and we've got medals to distribute:

--The bronze goes to Sandy, who reacted to Donald Trump dissing Alex Rodriguez on "Celebrity Apprentice":

 Funny that a guy who loves the spotlight as much as Trump does would throw A-Rod under the bus like that. Beecause they are both phonies.

--The silver goes to Whynot, who responded thoughtfully to my question (which, in itself, was thrown in to add a touch of meat to an otherwise empty post) about how he would  treat Carlos Beltran upon his return to the Mets' universe:

Standing O for Carlos. A supreme talent who did it with class, and one of the best OFs in baseball during his time with the Mets. What's a guy have to do to earn a little respect

--And the gold goes to Dennis, who didn't care for JE's assertion that Dennis was the last person to know about a recent news item:

JE, I knew about it yesterday. Didn't have time to comment on it here.

Why did this comment get the gold? While I can't speak for the judges, it is obvious that Dennis intentionally alluded to Pee-Wee Herman's "I meant to do that" scene, from "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," with his defense.


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