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Comment Winter Olympics, and the Kelvim Escobar signing

That's right, it's holiday pay for the judges. A busy week (for the Yankees, at least) generated some good discussion for a traditionally slow week.

Without any further ado...

The bronze goes to whynot, for his impassioned defense (pretty much) of the Mets' offseason so far:

Would you be happier if Omar was throwing 5 for 100 stupidly at Bay? Overpaying for Lackey when other comparable options are available for fewer committed years via trade? Spent big on Randy Wolf one year too late? Given Bengie his 3 years?!

We've spent plenty of time killing Omar for acting rashly, bidding against himself, etc. Now, he's being a little more cautious and not jumping the gun, and he's still getting killed. I don't think Omar's turned all Jack Z genius on us or anything, but I'm glad he's looking before he leaps.

There are many ways to solve what ails the Mets this winter and turn them into a playoff aspirant. Let's judge Omar when the hot-stove game is over in February, not in the 3rd inning in December.

The silver goes to Bob Tufts, for his reaction to the Mets' signing of R.A. Dickey to a minor-league deal:

The R.A. Dickey signing may work out - he's lacking some tendons in his throwing arm, so that's one less body part that can get hurt if he makes the club.

And the gold goes to JE, for his concession speech of sorts after the Yankees acquired Javier Vazquez:

I was deathly afraid that this day would come. No, not turning 40, although that was hardly worth celebrating. This morning's trade convinces me beyond a reasonable doubt that, the Marte contract notwithstanding, Cashman has grown into the job to the point that he is one of the best GMs in the game. (BTW, I am not necessarily suggesting that the Braves got hosed.)

Anyway, congrats to the Yankees and their fans. Condolences for the civilized world.

--Eventually, someone from our Web site will arrive in Melville to put up the story I wrote last night: The Mets have indeed signed Kelvim Escobar to a one-year, major-league contract.

The "major-league" part is stunning, given that Escobar has pitched just five innings in the last two years. On one hand, you wonder what MInaya is thinking with such a risk. On the other hand, you might think, "At least Escobar has upside, and it's not like he's forcing anyone good off the 40-man roster, anyway." I suppose neither hand would be particularly complimentary of Minaya.

--If you've never been to the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center, should go. Especially for current Yankees fans, as the museum recently added an exhibit dedicated to Derek Jeter entitled "Captain, Champion, Sportsman." Looks pretty cool, for Yankees fans. Maybe not so much for JE.

--Self-promotion alert: I'll be on WFAN in the 2:00 hour this afternoon, with Adam the Bull.

--Merry Christmas!




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