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Comment Winter Olympics - and there's a live chat today

Interesting week here at the blog. The general managers' meetings usually get us going on a number of topics, but the judges noticed that most of the best comments covered some variation of, well, our two current lightning rods - Wally Backman and Derek Jeter.

Here are your winners:

The bronze goes to a newcomer, Anthony223, who offered his two cents on Backman:

The big question to ask all those fans who are part of the "Wally or Bust" campaign. Would they still want Wally to manage if he had the same playing career and managerial career but never played for the Mets?

On one hand, fans lament that the team won't fire HoJo because of his ties with the '86 team, and yet they want to hire Backman because of his connection to it.

The silver goes to Rich, a Yankees fan getting fed up with some of the Jeter love.

No player should be bigger than the team, but you get the sense that some Jeter-ophiles believe that he is

The gold goes to Poppy, but he should share some of his reward kitty with Bob Tufts, who provided this alley oop...

Ken - if the Mets are making no changes in their roster in 2011 and have put themselves in a PR box with the Backman show, what can they use to sell the 2011 season to their fans? Ollie Perez dunk tank nights? Disabled-list bingo hosted by Charlie Samuels? A contract-eating contest? 

...that Poppy slammed home:

BT...Let's not forget tickets for a Luis Castillo juggling act.

--Live chat at noon. While my focus this past week was on the Yankees and Mets, I did check in with officials from most of the other clubs, so fire away on anything in the baseball world.

--Count on Lou Piniella to attend Yankees Old-Timers Day in 2011, and Hank Steinbrenner says he wants to hire Piniella as a consultant. Maybe Piniella will enjoy getting a small paycheck in retirement, but he would have zero juice as a consultant to Hank Steinbrenner.

--The Astros are reportedly for sale, although at a very high price: $800 million. Drayton McLane won't be going anywhere is he's determined to get that sort of change for his club.


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