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Comment Winter Olympics: Bud Selig, Barry Bonds and Thanksgiving

First of all, stop by later today for a DVD giveaway contest. It's a good one.

OK, now, onto business. The judges found themselves suffering from Jeter fatigue, as the Yankees negotiations with Derek Jeter limped toward their inevitable denouement. So this week's winners find themselves on the medalist stand for (almost) entirely non-Jeter-ific thoughts, remarks and anecdotes.

--The bronze goes to Sandy, who offered his take on Bud Selig becoming an adjunct law professor at Marquette:

I know a few used-car salesmen. In fact, I can probably sell used cars. Does that make me qualified to be an adjunct professor at a college?

--The silver goes to Bob Tufts who used my predicted Jeter contract (three years and $57 million) to make an entirely different point:

3 years/$57 million was also the cost of the government's Barry Bonds prosecution. Now they've reached Cliff Lee cost levels and are getting Javier Vazquez style results

And the gold goes to Richie G., who brought some characteristic wackiness to the holiday season:

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I am going to play in the 20th or 21st annual Turkey Day Bowl. Still tackle football at 39 1/2 years old.

Unfortunately, this is not coed. (Though I have played against a couple of girls and one burned me while wearing a ski cap over her face, and I didn't realize she was a girl. The second time was just a great catch and throw, and I was like Revis on her, but she had a half a step.)

Ken, please delete what I just wrote. Thanks.

--Brian Cashman had some fun this morning and wouldn't comment significantly on any baseball matters, but every indication is that the Yankees and Mariano Rivera have essentially agreed on a two-year extension for about $30 million. Rivera reportedly turned down three-year offers from the Red Sox and Angels.

--It was only for Sean Green, but the Mets went right until the midnight non-tender deadline before letting the righty reliever go. Since I'm a geek about this stuff, I got a kick out of it.

--Rest in peace, Ron Santo. And yes, he should be in the Hall of Fame.

--See you shortly.

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