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Comment Winter Olympics: Derek Jeter, Marvin Miller and personal attacks

No rest for the weary, as we went straight from the World Series to the Hot Stove League. The judges barely know what hit them.

Without further ado:

--The bronze goes to Richie G., for sharing with us one of his favorite activities:

Bashing you is fun, Ken. You suck

--The silver goes to Bob Tufts, who offered a sharp take on Marvin Miller's latest Hall of Fame candidacy:

When the players were negotiating the first CBA in 1969, Palmer was one a very few players that was willing to cross a potential strike line.

Miller still holds a grudge against Jim, even thouhg Palmer said today that he would vote for Marvin (he'd better - he made him wealthy betond his means).

The deciding votes on Miller will come from Whitey Herzog and Andy MacPhail. If they both say "yes," Miller is in. 

--And the gold goes to JE, who not shockingly had an opinion on Derek Jeter's Gold Glove:

"Maybe Jetes won the latest hardware for his at-bat theatrics in Tampa Bay? If so, how about simply changing the award name to the Golden Globes? "

--Speaking of Jeter, he and Brian Cashman both spoke nice at Joe Torre's charity event. Cashman also addressed the Cliff Lee matter. It's really looking like this could be a peaceful, predictable - expensive - Yankees winter. As Cashman indicated, if they sign Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Lee - which sure seems like a safe bet at this juncture - there isn't much more for them to do.

Joel Sherman wrote a good column, pointing out that the Yankees can overpay Jeter, but they can't coddle him.

--Another new uniform review from Paul Lukas: The Indians. These, I like. I especially dig the red cap with the alternate, cream-colored home top.

--Have a great day.


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