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Comment Winter Olympics: Disappearances, the Yankees, Jose Reyes and the Islanders

 Apologies for the delay this morning. Technical difficulties on the Newsday side, as opposed to the usual problems on my side.
In any case, goodness, do I not envy the judges, who had to go through five weeks' worth of comments for this week's award ceremonies. With spring training now approaching, we'll get back to doing this every week.
Without further ado...
--The bronze goes to Bob Tufts, who got in the best shots during my extended break.

"Where's Waldo?" books replaced by "Where's Ken?" books in New York Public Library children's section.

Milk cartons with "Have You Seen Me?" being printed by Newsday.

Runors that KD has been chosen to fill the role of "The Professor" in a TV remake of "Gilligan's Island."

505 and Ken are in rehearsal for an off-Broadway production of Stephen King's "Misery."

--The silver goes to Rich, who checked in with this around the time (I think) of the Yankees' signing of Rafael Soriano.

Nothing prevents the Yankees from winning World Series as much as the "emphasis ownership places on winning the World Series each and every season" because it prevents them from showing the kind of patience to young pitchers that is necessary to develop an elite staff in an era in which the parity engendered by the recent CBA makes fewer top-tier starters available in free agency

--And the gold goes to Sandy, who answered my question, "What the hell was (Jose) Reyes doing at an Islanders game?"

Actually, he was probably showing the Islanders players more creative ways to get themselves hurt
--Reyes, by the by, thinks he can get back to his 2008 self. If he does that, he'll get the Mets either a nice trade return in July or a couple of draft picks next winter (assuming the compensation system isn't revamped). He'll also get himself some huge dollars from another club.
--Michael Bloomberg said thanks, but no thanks, when asked about his interest in buying the Mets. 
--Mario Cuomo has been appointed as a mediator in Irving Picard's lawsuit against the Mets.
--In Tampa, Erik Boland spoke with new Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild, who compared the Yankees' current bullpen to the 1990 Reds "Nasty Boys," for whom he was the bullpen coach. It's interesting that the bullpen might be the Yankees' greates strength and Boston's and Tampa Bay's greatest weakness.
For sure, Joe Girardi will have to get even better at managing his bullpen, and he's been pretty darn good at it his first three years in the Bronx.

Rothschild also discussed A.J. Burnett.

--Free Crap Week will conclude later today.

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