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Comment Winter Olympics: Fred Wilpon, Tony La Russa and Dale Sveum

Yes, 'tis the season once more for Comment Winter Olympics, the weekly offseason endeavor (on Fridays, when I'm on the clock) that rewards you, the reader/commenter, for contributing insight, irreverence or even a good insult to our little community here.

The judges, having enjoyed their eight-month respite and just as surprised by the rest of us by the Cardinals' World Series title (although, oddly, they totally had the Diamondbacks winning the NL West), have reviewed the comments since our last Friday Five and have rendered their decisions:

The bronze goes to Whynot, our loyal yet frustrated, relocated Mets fan, who responded to my column about Sandy Alderson being the face and voice of the Mets' transition.

Poor Sandy. Who would want to be Fred Wilpon's face? Please, Ken, if you get a chance ask him if he'd be better off owning a small-market team for the good of us all. Does he know how much the fans hate him?

Speaking of Wilpon and the Mets, some verbal commitments for those smaller share of the team have been lined up.

The silver goes to JE, another relocated Mets fan, who took Tony La Russa (pre-retirement) to task for some of the then-Cardinals skipper's thoughts on on-base percentage:

How funny to hear TLR decry OBP, only to see the Cardinals win the World Series hours later thanks in no small part due to a two-run fifth consisting exclusively of BBs and HBPs.

You forgot a Lance Berkman groundout, JE. A productive out. :)

And finally, the gold goes to Sandy, our Sunshine State IHOP love-denying Yankees fan, who checked in on Dale Sveum's hot managerial candidacy:

What I remember most about Dale Sveum being the Red Sox's third-base coach is....they really wished Wendell Kim hadn't been fired and replaced by this guy. So, yeah, I hope he's the next Sawx manager.

Never mind that Sveum didn't succeed Kim; there were three seasons between Kim's depature and Sveum's arrival. Or that Sveum took the Cubs job. It's this sort of cynicism that is always appreciated here.

Join the fun! You, too, can win an imaginary medal.

--Good piece by Erik Boland on David Robertson.

--Have a great day.

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