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Comment Winter Olympics: George Steinbrenner, Jerry Springer and the Mets

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and manager Billy Martin,

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and manager Billy Martin, left, at the Yankees' spring training camp in Ft. Lauderdale during Martin's third stint as manager. (Feb. 23, 1983) Credit: UPI

It was a busy week, as we figured, and the judges had to work hard to ensure that everyone's words were considered.

So without further ado:

--The bronze goes to Islander505, who offered this positive spin when George Steinbrenner failed to make the Hall of Fame on his first try:

Relax, folks.....there are two simple reasons why Steinbrenner can't be elected to the HOF yet.

A) Ground has to be broken for the new wing required to hold his plaque.

B) Geologists are still trying to find a mountain in the Adirondacks with enough granite to create his bust. (Perhaps a new Western Wing for Cooperstown in the Black Hills, anyone?)

--The silver goes to Sandy, who shared with us a dilemma he experienced:

Decisions, decisions. On one channel, we have Obama's press conference. On the other channel, we have Derek Jeter's presser. Which one to watch??

Never mind. Neither is the answer, as Jerry Springer is also on right now and far more entertaining and honest than the other two shows.

--And the gold goes to Whynot, the loyal Mets fan who stands out as a voice of reason during this difficult winter:

I wish Alderson had a time machine so he could go back and undo the horrible mess created by Omar and 2011's $140 million mess. But since he can't, reasonable people should realize what he's doing.

When your entire structure is infested, you have to rebuild from the foundation up. The carping about his approach to this off-season is nonsensical and quite naive.

--Here's my column about the latest developments with Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford. Lee and his agent Darek Braunecker have played this whole thing expertly. Perhaps we'll see a resolution today.

--CC Sabathia keeps saying he won't opt out of his contract, and I'm inclined to believe him, although the Players Association could lean on him and his representatives to raise the bar once more.

--David Lennon examined a possible correlation between Crawford and Jose Reyes, who can become a free agent next year.

--Have a great day. Should be plenty of updates this weekend.

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