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Comment Winter Olympics: Gerald Perry, the Easter Bunny and Brett Favre

For this final competition of 2010, the judges had to sift through two weeks' worth of comments. Not surprisingly, they are looking forward to getting next week off.

Without further ado...

--The bronze goes to Whynot, who offered some interesting information thanks to his son's interest in baseball:

My son took a three-week hitting clinic with soon-to-be Oakland A's hitting coach Gerald Perry. He was one quiet yet incredibly gracious man.

I could barely hear him when he was talking to the eight kids he was teaching, but he had their full attention. He told me he was really impressed with Anthony Rizzo when he was hitting coach last season for the Sox AAA team. Thinks he'll be an impact bat quickly.

I told him the heat was going to be on him this year, since the A's are considered pitching rich, and just need a little offense to compete. He says every place he's been, "The pitching is why they win, and hitting is why we lose."

--The silver goes to Bob Tufts, who seeked out and received some wingman help from JE.

Bob wrote, "JE - Santa, Easter Bunny, the Mets .......what do they have in common?" JE responded, ""Hmmm, every kid will root for them?" At which point Tufts delivered the payoff:

They have to give things away for people to like them

--And the gold goes to Dennis, our venerable news delivery man who offered his take on Andy Pettitte:

Cashman and Girardi will send Jeter, Rivera and Posada on a plane to Texas to do their best Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson and Ryan Longwell impersonation and convince Pettitte to do his best Brett Farve impersonation. And in the end, Pettitte will decide to pitch next year for the Yanks.

Of course, it didn't work out for the Vikings this year. 

--Merry Christmas to everyone. I'll be back Sunday.

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