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Comment Winter Olympics: Matt Cain, Derek Jeter and Yankees pitching


It was a quiet week here at the blog. The judges had to look around some to come up with three comments they liked the best.

Without further ado:

--The bronze goes to JE, who offered some data on the discussion point of Matt Cain possibly joining the Yankees as a free agent for the 2013 season:

Cain's career xFIP makes me think that he would not be the best fit for Yankee Stadium. Other than AT&T's short fence down the right-field line, it is a really good place to pitch.

--The silver goes to Sandy, who perked up when alerted that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are reportedly back together:

He should stick with the quickies and the parting gifts until his contract is up.

--And the gold goes to a rookie, FLong, who opined about the Yankees' need for starting pitching:

Waiting for free agents, who may never come here, is not the answer to the Yankees' rotation problems. Counting on home-grown pitching to develop may not be, either. Remember when Phil Hughes was the untouchable "Crown Jewel" of the farm system? They're still waiting for him to pan out.

The only solution, whether it's now or in July, is to trade prospects for proven winners.

--Here are my stories in today's Newsday about the Yankees not signing Hiroyuki Nakajima and Sandy Alderson discussing many items.

--Check back later today for a contest.

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