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Good Morning

Comment Winter Olympics: Remorse, instant replay and the Hall of Fame

Well, another Hall of Fame week is winding down now, and the judges enjoyed reading the lively discussion here at the blog. Thank goodness we do this just once a year.

Your winners:

The bronze goes to Graves9, for his moment of contrition:

How the hell did I misspell "probably"? Am I banned? I should be. My apologies. I was in a spelling bee in 6th grade. I feel shame.

The silver goes to Islander505, who commented on my 2010 Baseball Peple of the Year column, in which I praise Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce for their conduct and also lobby for expanded instant replay:

I submit that with expanded replay, we will see fewer shining moments of how far the human species has progressed as demonstrated by Joyce and Galarraga, and you will have to dig deeper and further to find your Baseball People of The Year.

And those of us who love baseball for the demonstration of life that it is, will have another few valuable minutes stolen from that life.

And the gold goes to Bob Tufts, who explained the odd voting discrepancy between Lee Smith and John Franco in the Hall voting:

Lee Smith was "feared." John Franco was not. 33,000 srticles on Smith+baseball+feared, only 5,000 for Johnny.

--Speaking of Franco, here's a good piece by friend of the blog James K.

--Here's my column on Bert Blyleven, and how his induction could change things for future Hall of Fame candidates.

--Rafael Soriano signing with the Yankees makes a whole lot of sense because both sides seem to lack other great options. Soriano surely would prefer to close somewhere, and the Yankees surely would prefer not to pay a setup man like a closer and sacrifice their first-round draft pick.

But if Andy Pettitte really isn't coming back, then Soriano at least gives the Yankees a way to strengthen what is a shaky pitching staff. Even if Pettitte does come back, it makes some sense, and the Yankees can probably get both guys combined for about what they would've paid Cliff Lee.

 --Last night at Foley's, we roasted my Newsday teammate David Lennon, who recently completed his two-year term as chairman of the New York chapter of the BBWAA. Dave did a tremendous job.

--Have a great day.

--UPDATE, 9:48 a.m.: This merits a late inclusion. Brian Costello of the New York Post got Pettitte at his Texas home. No final answer, but interesting just to read his few words. I'm sticking with my hunch that he returns, just because he always has.

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