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Comment Winter Olympics: Ryan Braun, the Mets and Derek Jeter

We enjoyed another busy pre-holiday week, and the judges had plenty of quality comments from which to choose. Here are their medalists:

--The bronze goes to Bob Tufts, who offered details in the wake of Ryan Braun's appeal of his failed test for illegal PEDs:

According to Jeff Passan, "WADA us(ed) gas chromatography-combustion-isotope ratio mass spectrometry".

Didn't the expert tire witness use that in 'My Cousin Vinny"?

--The silver goes to Poppy, the die-hard Mets fan who responded predictably to the news that the Mets needed to take out a $40 million bridge loan to make ends meet:

What's it gonna take before MLB and "this Bud's NOT for you Mets fans" finally says enough is enough, step in and force the Wilpons to sell the team?

--And the gold goes to Islander505, a Yankees fan who nevertheless found humor in a certain Page Six item on Derek Jeter:

What does Jeter have in common with Alex Trebek?

He always knows the answer to the contestant's question and sends them home with wonderful parting gifts

--Check back later for a contest.





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