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Comment Winter Olympics: The Hall of Fame

The baseball world didn't have much going on, but we were rocking here. The judges couldn't believe how many comments they had to consider before coming up with their winners, although we didn't have our standard variety of topics. 

The Hall of Fame dominated conversation. What else is new for late December/early January?

Away we go...

--The bronze goes to Richie G., who initiated an interesting discussion about Sandy Koufax's Hall of Fame worthiness - given how brief Koufax's career was - and wrapped it with this sentiment:

I guess every voter votes differently, but I think you can only vote what the player did, not what they would have done without injury. Even wartime players shouldn't be rewarded with stats they didn't put up.

Koufax was the best ever. But it was a very short span. If he was grumpy, mean to the media and put up the same stats today, he would not get in. You know who I'm referring to, Ken.

I do. Richie is referring to Albert Belle. Not a perfect comparison, in my opinion, but I do think the topic of Koufax's Hall credentials is an interesting one.

--The silver goes to Bob Tufts, who offered his usual wisdom on the issue of illegal PEDs and the Hall of Fame:

I have many friends in baseball that are very religious people that I would consider moral people. I have asked them whether they would have taken steroids or any drugs that would lengthen their career - even at the cost of a few years of their lives.

None have said that they would avoid the illegal drugs.

Judge people for awards and honors by how they played within their era. The 1930 Philadelphia Phillies hit .315 as a team, but finished in last with a 52-102 record - the NL league average was .303. For the HOF, take those players who far exceed the average and not just those who reach mythic milestones that have less meaning over time.

--And the gold goes to a rookie, ReelDeal44, who opened up a can of you-know-what on me. I disagreed strongly with the sentiments, but loved the writing and the passion:

If you rob a bank and do not get caught. you still robbed a bank.

Common sense and protection of history and the Hall should take precedent over any and all rationalizations with the PED guys.

The fact that this writer does not care about PED use prior to MLB establishing a formal policy is ridiculous, and an abuse of his privilege.

Taking illegal and dangerous substances to gain a competitive advantage...who cares!?!?

Davidoff, you are a child.

--Have a great day.







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