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Comment Winter Olympics: Tolerance, Jorge Posada and Carlos Pena

It's been a while, hasn't it? The judges had to sift through weeks and weeks of comments, including some memorable arguments, to pick three winners.

Their work is complete. Here are your medalists:

--The bronze goes to JE, who got worked up over a hypothetical discussion involving Prince Fielder's free agency. It was worth it just for this:

For all of your charm, good looks, and way with the written word, Ken, you are way too quick to mischaracterize and/or bad-mouth views that don't conform to your own.

--The silver goes to Jim, who checked in on Jorge Posada's retirement:

Jorge was a great player for the Yankees but I agree, he is not a Hall of Famer. He deserves the attention the Yankees lavished on him. I always thought there wasn't a lot of love between Girardi and him and it is clear several pitchers preferred pitching to another catcher, but his role in Yankee history cannot be denied.

--And the gold goes to NaOH, who apparently has returned from his long search for the lost ark and offered some mad data to counter Sandy's assertion that Carlos Pena hits into a lot of double plays:

Whatever Pena's weaknesses are as a batter, double plays are not one of them.

Pena has 2,977 plate appearances in the last five years. He has 26 GIDP in that time (5.2 per year). For perspective, 111 players have 2,500 PA in the same time frame and only two hit into fewer double plays than Pena, Stephen Drew (25 in 2,573 PA) and Michael Bourn (17 in 2,383 PA).

For his career, Pena has 4,901 PA since 2001 and only 55 GDP. In that time, 99 players have amassed 4,500 or more plate appearances. Only Jose Reyes has hit into fewer double plays (45 in 4,840 PA).


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