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Contest: An instructional book about baseball

Hey, I wrote yesterday, "Stop by later for a contest." Today is still "later," isn't it?

"Baseball: How To Play The Game" is an in-house production and publication by Major League Baseball. It's extremely well done in both text and pictures; many of the game's current great players cooperated and contributed. If you're a coach, a helpful parent or a player yourself looking to get better, you'll find this useful.

And now I'll give my copy to the first person who e-mails me - at - with the correct answer to this question:

The book features action shots of Ryan Braun, Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols on its cover. No player has ever been a teammate of all three superstars. One man, however, has played alongside Braun in Milwaukee and Pujols in St. Louis and is currently in Yankees camp with Jeter, although he's a longshot to make the Yankees.

Name this player.

--Here are the contest rules.

--UPDATE, 2:11 p.m.: We have a winner! Henry from Denville, N.J. knew that Russell Branyan played with Pujols and the Cardinals (in 2007) and with Braun and the Brewers (in 2008) and is currently in Yankees camp with Jeter.

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